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I am back after a long break.

The past month has been like a roller coaster ride. Have been to many places met a few people but did not work much. Work wise I should have done a lot but have kept a lot of things on hold. Hopefully I am back again from my long slumber and I will try and keep this blog updated with more information as and when I do or find something new. Tried out the new google spreadsheet program; it seems like a good option for me as I hate installing any application which I would never use. But as I get some data from clients in XLS format it's a good place for me to view it and even edit it. Plus the good part is that you can share the spreadsheet with your friends or clients. I tried to open a few XLS files and it works really great. For most of my work this program seems more than enough. Also tried out google analytics and have installed it on this blog and and so far I have got really interesting results of what kind of people visit this blog. And the funny part