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Pornographic adverts using google adwords on

I was surfing on when I cam across this gem of an advert. Its for some pornographic/adult content but seeing something like this on the google adwords network certainly came across as a surprise. Its the first time I came across something like this, I always thought that google would have some filters to stop content like this from getting through. I am really not sure if google has started allowing links for adult content on sites like digg. But someone would have some explaining to do at least in this matter. Technorati Tags: google , adwords , adult

Who is Silky Kumar?

If Silky Kumar ever becomes a phenomena, I just hope he does not . But incase he does it would just go to prove that just about anything can be made famous if there is enough publicity. Even if the whole idea is crap, with the right PR and advertising anything can be made famous. Here is the debut video of Silky Kumar . I am still hoping its a bad joke but then you never know. At first I thought Himesh Reshammiya and Rakhi Sawant were some kind of a joke but boy was I wrong or what. Technorati Tags: rant , rakhi , silky , kumar , mtv india ,

orkut Blog: Coming Soon: A New Look!

After sticking with the simple blue look Orkut seems to be going in for a major makeover. I have been waiting for a while now [2 hours :)] but nothing new till now. UPDATE: Finally found a link which shows whats coming up. Its on Google System and should give you some idea of whats coming up. I thought it would be a MAJOR upgrade, but it seems a very minor cosmetic change. But then again I have still not seen it live so still waiting for it. UPDATE 1: Some more screenshots on Blogoscoped . Now they seem to be different when posted side by side.

About life in general

Its been a long time and I think I need to post another entry on the blog :). I have been having some trouble with Shozu so no new pics online . I will try and resolve it and then hopefully will be back blogging using the phone. Instead of waiting I just started downloading Shozu on my phone and hopefully by the time I finish of with this post I would have it installed and ready for some action. I am also live on my website and on . Recently I formated my phone and I lost both of these softwares and never bothered downloading them again. Now I am back with a vengeance and lets see till when the josh to click a photographs / video every now and then stays with me. From Tuesday onwards I will hopefully join the gym again and hopefully get into shape again. I guess round is a shape no longer seems to work for me anymore.