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Asus Eee PC goes on Sale from 2nd Feb 08 in India

The ASUS Eee PC is going on sale in Chroma stores. Not sure when it will be launched in north India but finally they are launching it. I just got a mail today and as of now there is no mention of whats the magical figure they are expecting for the sub-laptop. The price point according to the so called speculation (the stock market is really having its effect on me) would be 13K-16K. In terms of looks the EEE PC looks a lot better than its rivals. Thought not the best looking thing but its still a lot better than its rivals. If by some chance they set the price at 13K it will be a fitting reply to the HCL MiLeap X series laptop. The HCL MiLeap in my opinion looks fugly but then its my own personal opinion. It has a screen which is 7" but if you look at the extra border it will be almost as big as a 12-13" laptop which makes it a little impractical. Had apple designed such a product it would be 8" at max but thats another thing that it would cost at least 7-8 times mor

The season of a new beginning

I was out of town this weekend to get my driving license renewed. I went to Shimla on Sunday and caught up with my relatives and my cousins. I had planned to stay there for a day and it turned out that I had to stay back for 3 days. To top it all I was unable to get my license renewed so all was in vain but if nothing else I caught up with my cousins and also I got a brief vacation. I might have to go back this weekend or maybe next week. I can see that the next few weeks are going to be hectic in more ways than one. Have to attend a few weddings in the next 2 weeks. They are people who I have grown up with and to see all of them settle down seems kind of intimidating. It almost feels like yesterday when we were in school or in college and today they are getting ready for a new beginning. Its at time like these when I really want to understand what I really want out of life. Here is wishing for a great new beginning to my friends who are soon going to tie the knot. Will try and p

The new HCL MiLeap X/Y

I was really excited to hear about the new ultra portable laptops which HCL is coming up with. Now I have not been satisfied with the kind of products that HCL makes. But given the fact the EEE PC will take a while to launch in India I was really excited to hear about this news. I was searching for a picture of the MiLeap and I came across this blog post where I saw these pictures. They really have the target audience as kids for the 14K laptops. I was hoping that it would look something like the palm folio. But if this is what it really looks like I would have second thoughts about buying it. I was so looking forward to buy a sub laptop. The 29K laptop at least looks decent but given the price I would buy a full laptop rather than think of buying a sub laptop which seems underpowered. Now all I do is to wait for the launch of the EEE PC . Or the other better option is to just hope for a miracle that the final 14K product does not look like this picture . UPDATE: While surfing I f

Instant Communication - II

Anyhow since I've just posted the first version let me just give you a low down on the results of my social network test. All I was looking was how much effect does social networks have on my personal life. That is if I even have a personal life to talk of :), but then thats another story altogether. I had just thought that I would not check any of the following sites netvibes , techcrunch , digg , reddit , flickr , facebook , orkut and some more sites. I had also planned that I would not check my personal emails. But only after a day I thought I had to check my emails, I checked my emails and I had emails from orkut and facebook and ended up visiting the sites. I had also got a mail for some activity on flickr and I ended up visiting that site as well. Guess I am addicted to these sites, that is not something very good. Though I just checked the sites once but I still feel I need a little more of a life to stay away from this so called virtual life. I still don't understand

Instant communication

This is a post I had posted from my mobile. But unfortunately the body never went through. I told a couple of friends about what I was writing about but no one seemed interested. So I don't think it made no sense what so ever to write anything on this topic. Just to recap a bit I was really sick and tired of the social networks and just wanted to know if I could live without it. Thats more or less what this post was about.

Music I am currently hooked on

Breathless by Shayne Ward I liked the way this guy screams, literally screams. It was annoying at first but its like an acquired taste. I have this song on a loop and lets see till when I keep liking it. [ On YouTube ] [ FullScreen ] Change by Sugababes This song is different, not too different from their other songs yet different enough to be liked. [ On YouTube ] [ FullScreen ]

Sifting through my past

I was going through my past posts and it really feels strange reading the posts. Some of them seemed so funny and totally stupid to say the least. I was compiling the list of posts that get the maximum traffic from google. And the winners are.. The best mobile development platform for hobbyist programmer After trying my hand at every possible mobile platform this was supposed to be a rant and unfortunately got featured on slashdot. This was a classic case of a stupid article getting attention. It was half written and there were a few things missing at the time it hit slashdot. I really wish I had completed it before it was on slashdot. Speed up your AJAX based webapps This one was written keeping in mind something new and happening and today nearly every webapp that I can think of follows it in some way or the other. If nothing else I did start something interesting. Till then none of the webapps were using these caching techniques. I really wish people followed the topic a little

Weight loss adverts on my blog

This has got to be one funny thing to start in the new year. So finally Google also knows about my " exercise " schedule. I have no plans of reducing my weight but just staying a little more fit. UPDATE: After posting this post all the ads are for weight loss products. Fun times :)

Happy New Year 2008

The new year is here and hope you have a great year ahead.