Saturday, April 26, 2008

Stunned by STUN using Python and Java.

Over the last two days I have been researching on P2P yet again :). Last time I was working on it I got stung by STUN. I just could not make head and tail of the RFC and I was unable to find any usable implementation online. Rather I never really searched hard enough and I left that project mid way.

This time around I found a really clean implementation of STUN in python another in C# and one in Java. Sure found a lot of implementation and its quite simple unless you are on a symmetric NAT setup and that is where things start getting trickier. Also realized how simple or difficult it is to create a simple P2P application.

Also read up stuff on STUNT, the extra T is for TCP. STUN works on UDP and not TCP.

Activate GPRS on Airtel Postpaid connection

This one works for Airtel Punjab not sure if it works for other states and territories. SMS GPRS299 to 121 and it will be activated in 6 hours. To deactivate it SMS DGRPS299 to 121. To get the settings SMS MO to 52567.

The customer care exective I talked to also told me that if I deactivate it in 2-3 days I will just be charged for those days though I am not sure if was right about that.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Killing two birds with one stone

The thing I am working on today is more like killing 5 birds with one stone. Like I wrote last week I started with Python, but due to the work load over the last two weeks I could not do much. This Friday I got an invitation to Google App Engine and the only language they support as of now is Python. This in a way pushed me into learning python. Last month I had written about a bridge for Facebook and Open Social applications.

With many new things I devised a clever plan I have started off with a facebook application for the open social platform in python using the google app engine. That is 5 technologies covered in one single shot. I started with PyFacebook but, soon realized that the library urlib2 uses sockets and PyFacebook won't work for me. I could start with a new library or hack PyFacebook and since I am an expert in Python (with less than 2 days of experience) I resorted to hacking the PyFacebook library. I have never really programed in Python and the fact that the library is working kind of amazed me. That was one part of the project. Now comes the part of using the library to get data from facebook and display it on orkut as an open social application. If I am still amused with the app engine tomorrow I might continue and release a very rough version tomorrow.

But given the fact that I don't know Python and I've hardly worked on facebook or open social API's, it is going to be a tall order to get things done.

Incase you want to see the progress so far try the url

Monday, April 07, 2008

Keeping up with the fitness regime

After finally deciding to do something about by increasing waistline I have been able to control a lot and in the last 3 months have got back into shape. Thought I am a long way from reaching my goal I am a lot better than I was just a few months back. I had no idea I would be able to get things under control and surprisingly I am surprised at my devotion.

I started by walking everyday for a good 3-4 Kms and recently I joined the gym. I have a lot more energy and stamina. The best part is that I wake up at 5:30 in the morning and thats something I have been trying to achieve for a while.

The last week was really hectic in every possible sense with just a few hours of sleep every night. I was trying to handle so many diverse things at once. I finally started learning how to drive :), I somehow could never get the reason to learn driving but I guess its time.

Most of my day is jam packed and I like it. I hardly have time to do anything else. Thought the only problem I have faced is that I have been unable to continue with my python lessons. I have tried different things but thats more of a hit and trial and I would like to understand how things really work in python land.

The week while looking for python libraries I stumbled back on lua. I had used it a few years back and it also seems to have matured. I like the fact that the runtime is still tiny compared to python but it cannot be used a replacement for python, at least as of now.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Can cellphones cause headaches?

Ever weekend whenever I would woke up I normally had a headache and I could not see any reason why I had it. This would normally stay with me for nearly the complete day and inadvertently my weekend would end up sleeping. The funny thing was that this never seemed to happen to me on weekdays.

The only reason I could see was that I slept late on weekends so possibly my sleeping for a longer time was 'causing it. Well coming back to the cellphone, I normally had it right next to my pillow when I sleep. I used it as an alarm and to see the time at night.

About two weeks back on the weekend I forgot to keep the phone next to me and also for some reason I had switched off the WiFi in my room. The next morning I woke up fresh and had no headache what so ever even thought I had slept till late. I tried the same thing next day and I was again fresh this time around, with no signs of a headache.

On Friday night this weekend I was expecting a call and I kept the phone next to my pillow. I never got the call but I had left it next to my pillow and when I woke up yesterday I had a headache all day long. So there is defiantly something to do with the phone. When I went off to sleep last night I made sure I had turned off the WiFi and kept the cell phone away from me. Today when I woke up there was no sign of a headache or the drowsiness which I felt yesterday.

This is no scientific study its just a very personal experience. Maybe one of you have experienced a similar thing, if you have do leave a comment.