Thursday, January 29, 2009

What was Mr. Arindam Choudhury thinking??

You need to read the review of Slumdog Millioner by Arindam Chaudhuri, i.e. incase you've not already read it in all the major possible English newspapers in India. It is a full page advert of IIPM where Mr. Chaudhuri is currently the Honorary Dean for Centre for Economic Research and Advanced Studies and it has this review in the end. This review seems so stupid in an advert for an Educational Institute. It seems like this person is really looking for some cheap publicity and you can see that from the comments on the blog post. I have a feeling that this guy really believes in "There is no such thing as bad publicity". I am still not sure why would someone actually pay for a full page advert for something like this.

Come to think of it Mr. Chaudhuri is also a film maker and it almost sounds like envy more than a honest review. I really love some of the comments on the blog post. Some of them follow now.

To leader2630 who said:
Very true we should all show the outrage to the international community by boycotting the film. & other forms of anger.

"..and other forms of anger?" :)) seriously dude!!! * dies laughing *

Its food for thought for those who shamelessly celebrating their own undressing in public by a english man

geez! how much of a perv are u, u sicko! u got ultra-hyper-maniacal-low-esteem-self-derogatory-inferiority-complex! see a doc at once!!!

To prerna who said:
Slumdog:- As the name suggests its itself an abuse to the country for which it is made....
And we guys are enjoying it also...shame shame shame!!!

Arindam i must say that you really care about the feelings and honour of India which truely depicts in your article...

Thank you for taking the Initiative. Lets us hope we Indians get waken up by this..

:)) * ROTFL* :))

To pradeep who said:
Holy s**t! Can’t believe we Indians are so gullible, so gluttonous for fame and so desperate for the Oscar attention.
dude, people who liked this movie dont care two shit for the oscars..they liked this movie because it was good. they liked this movie because they are not biased. period.

To sanjay who said:
Indians who are praising this movie are nothing but coolies.

and what are you, dude?

To Preeti who said:
..share and tell the world that i am with them and we will not tolerate any nonsense like the SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE movie..Feel your country to be you home and fight for its pride...
How do we fight for its pride my lady? but shouting at anyone who tries to venture near our slums and ensuring that it is hidden away from the world??

By getting mad every time a movie is made about India and in the movie India is not shown as this chocolatey place with all the girls looking models and all the guys driving around in imported Sedans?
Where only the poshness and upwardly life is shown? is that how u intend to fight for the pride of ur country?

..shame on you.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sorrows of installing software on Linux

I wanted to watch a divx movie on my aspire one laptop which runs a Linux based OS. I tried to play the file but I did not see the video in the preinstalled video player. My next logical step was to download VLC for Linux. But as it turns out there is no VLC for Linux, there is a VLC for Ubuntu, Fedora and Source Code for any other flavor of Linux.

It took me a good 30 minutes of searching on half a dozen forums to figure out a way to install VLC. It takes less than a minute on any windows based machine even if you download the zip version.

And I thought this was a problem just with windows. As it turns out if you are using Mac OSX there is a separate version of Safari for Leopard and Tiger while a single binary edition for Windows XP and Vista. Guess Microsoft is doing something right somewhere.

I was working on one of my friends computers which had OSX and Safari 2.x and figured it would be better if I installed Safari 3.x on it. I downloaded Safari and the moment I tried to install it it refused to install since I did not have all the updates.

That just goes to show that you can run Safari on a 9 year old Windows PC but there is no way to install Safari on a 2 year old mac without all the updates. And I am not even sure if it was only about the updates or it wanted to install a new updated OS.

Here is a video of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in a 1983 Dating Game video.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Happy new year and I hope you have a great year ahead. The last year has been different to say the least. Quite a bit of good, some bad, some boring and some exciting. The last few days have been good at least for my personal project. Its finally coming up and I am hoping to release a preview this month.