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Running node.js on windows without using Cygwin

Finally node.js is available as a windows binary without requiring Cygwin to be installed. As of writing this post you can download the node.js binary 0.5.6 . Currently npm does not work with node.js on windows. You need to download and use instead of npm . It works similar to npm but requires python. To setup node.js first set the PATH and NODE_PATH to the where you have copied node.exe.              set PATH=%PATH%;c:\node              set NODE_PATH=c:\node It is better to set these environment variables in the System Properties so that you don't have to set these variables every time. Follow the following steps to do that. Right-click  Computer , and then click  Properties . Click the Advanced system settings in the left side bar. Click the  Advanced  tab. Click  Environment variables . Append the node path to the PATH variable Create a new variable NODE_PATH and set it to the path where node is installed Once you are done with it need to insta