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Getting lost and losing focus

Not really sure how to start with it, or what exactly is bothering me. I seem to have lost focus of what I want to do and how I want to do it. I never really thought peer pressure could ever be a factor in any of my decisions. But with time I've realized that I seem to be a little lost. I was talking to a friend right now and it really got me thinking if I was even doing the right thing. In the last few years I don't think I've grown much. It almost feels like I have hit a plateau. I've not fallen down but neither have I grown. This is raising all kinds of alarm bells in my brain. I need to do something which is fulfilling and makes me happy and helps me show my real potential. Have this nagging feeling that I am kind of left behind while the whole world seems to have moved on. I was talking to this friend after a very long time and I realised I am still where I was when we last talked and he seems to have moved on. Its really funny how John Milton's 'On Hi

fefoo 2 months after launch

The traffic has been really strange to say the least. The first month was lackluster. The traffic was low. In the second month the traffic picked up a bit and now it seems to have stabilized at around 400 per day. There seem to be some 1500 active users who use it everyday. Most of the users coming to the site have no referrer which just goes to show that most users are returning back. In the last two weeks there have hardly been any new users. There are only returning users who use the service daily. I had planned to start work on the version 2 of fefoo with more features. But with almost no new feedback its difficult to know what works and what does not. Am not really sure if I should spent any more time on fefoo. I will try and remove some of the quirks but am not sure if I will work on the next version any time soon.