Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting lost and losing focus

Not really sure how to start with it, or what exactly is bothering me. I seem to have lost focus of what I want to do and how I want to do it. I never really thought peer pressure could ever be a factor in any of my decisions. But with time I've realized that I seem to be a little lost.

I was talking to a friend right now and it really got me thinking if I was even doing the right thing. In the last few years I don't think I've grown much. It almost feels like I have hit a plateau. I've not fallen down but neither have I grown.

This is raising all kinds of alarm bells in my brain. I need to do something which is fulfilling and makes me happy and helps me show my real potential. Have this nagging feeling that I am kind of left behind while the whole world seems to have moved on. I was talking to this friend after a very long time and I realised I am still where I was when we last talked and he seems to have moved on.

Its really funny how John Milton's 'On His Twenty-Third Birthday' instantly came to my mind. I never understood poems or literature but surprisingly this poem seems so apt for my situation right now. Guess I still remember something I learned in school.

Here is hoping I can finally take the decisions that I should have taken a while back.


Prikshit said...

vivek u have not lost anything.You are still the same person what u were before,if u take the step to change or start something u can.It is not losing anything my friend,but rather starting a new chapter in life,because the last few years u have learnt a lot too.So u always learn from what u do...Best of Luck for future :).

Ricky said...

Dude, you're probably the most technically sound person I've come across, and you've proven it time and again...

While I do understand where you're and what you might feel, I would say its not really a plateau but a springboard... A little effort and you know, you'll rise quicker than any...

Wish you success : )

Think of something amazing (or update foxpose, it has been some time)