Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in a nutshell

This year has been relaxed (lack of a better word) to say the least. Did nothing much besides work. For once in many years I did not work or passionately work on any personal project. The list of personal projects is still there but have not been able to find the right structure to get it done. And for once I really enjoyed being lazy at home. Hopefully I have had enough rest and get something going in 2013 as far as personal projects are concerned.

There is the next version of pics.fefoo, and the windows based twitter client which has been languishing in the dark for the last 3 years now. Not sure if it will ever be used by anyone else but me. I like using it but still need to get the kinks out and reduce the number of features and make a public version that someone else besides me can use and test.

Here is hoping I release something in 2013 and also streamline my webhosting accounts.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Chrome OS and WinRT

I still don't get WinRT or the new windows applications. If I really wanted to go back 20 years where I could run one application at a time I would use an iPad instead. This whole paradigm shift brings me to Chrome OS which works fine on ARM architecture and since most of the applications are just web applications I really don't see any difference from the WinRT applications.

Maybe in a year or two I might have to eat my own words but at this point of time I don't see WinRT going anywhere. If WinRT does work out it will surely push Chrome OS adoption as well. Its cheaper and lighter than WinRT.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Using the ASUS RT-B13U with Tata DOCOMO eStick

To setup the router for Tata DOCOMO eStick set the following values and it should work. You don't need to do anything else.

3G/3.5G USB Adapter
APN service(optional)

I bought the router from flipkart and it took 3 weeks to get it. I had posted this a review but flipkart removed it. 

Dear Customer,

Thank you for posting your review for "Asus RT-N13U", dated 28th September 2012.

We sincerely apologize for the poor service you experienced with Flipkart. We have shared your feedback with our customer support team for further follow-up.

As per our review policy (, we solicit only product-specific reviews on the product page and hence your review on our service has been removed.

We are in the process of rolling out a customer-centric forum welcoming your experiences and feedback on our services and products. In the meanwhile, please feel free to share your concerns or queries with us at

Yours Sincerely,
[name retracted]
Customer Review Team

I will try and post what I had written in the review. They had a reason to remove the review as it was projecting flipkart in a slightly negative light even though I had no intentions to do that.

Had ordered the router on the 6th of September. As luck would have it, it went out of stock the very next day. Can't blame flipkart for it but when I ordered it it was in stock. It took 2 weeks to get it delivered. I received it on 21st. I tried to set it up the whole evening but unfortunately the USB on that device was defective. I finally figured that out once I had plugged in every USB storage device that I had. Called up flipkart and it was returned back in 1 working day. Unfortunately for me the device was still out of stock so flipkart gave me store credit. 

When it was finally in stock I was still not sure if buying this router would be a right decision or if none of my devices were compatible with this device.I eventually took a risk and ordered the same device again. Got the delivery in 2 days and was up and running in less than 5 minutes. 

As far as the device is concerned it is really worth the price. Have not been able to use any other USB functions as I am using a USB modem. Will try and buy a usb hub and see if it works with it.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Panchkula Electricity Complaint Numbers

I've been trying to search for a customer care number to file a complaint but its so difficult to find the numbers. So in case you are one of the unlucky ones here are the numbers.

9316065982, 2591033, 2591037, 2595549
Toll free- 155333

Its almost impossible to get through the 93* number. But thankfully people tend to pick up the landlines. If you still have a landline then it should be easy to call up on their toll free number.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Installing Android SDK without or a slow internet conection

If you are on slow internet connection this blog post should help. The only change is that to get the latest APIs instead of using use or keep whichever is the latest version.

Some more information is available at