2012 in a nutshell

This year has been relaxed (lack of a better word) to say the least. Did nothing much besides work. For once in many years I did not work or passionately work on any personal project. The list of personal projects is still there but have not been able to find the right structure to get it done. And for once I really enjoyed being lazy at home. Hopefully I have had enough rest and get something going in 2013 as far as personal projects are concerned.

There is the next version of pics.fefoo, fefoo.com and the windows based twitter client which has been languishing in the dark for the last 3 years now. Not sure if it will ever be used by anyone else but me. I like using it but still need to get the kinks out and reduce the number of features and make a public version that someone else besides me can use and test.

Here is hoping I release something in 2013 and also streamline my webhosting accounts.


Anonymous said…
it is nice to read that you don't plan to abandon fefoo,

P.D. F**k Blogger's captcha... the text is unreadable and the audio is impossible to understand.
Unknown said…
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