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Working in India.. doing the odd jobs... and yet feeling proud..

This is more of a rant against out sourcing and the way indians are taking up jobs. In a way outsourcing is good but on the other hand we as indians are doing third grade jobs. Most indians when they join a college hardly know what they wish to do. Even once they finish their studies don't know what they want. If being a doctor was cool every other person would be going in for that. So like sheeps everyone is following the set standards. Since being in the IT sector is cool (lots of money) every tom, dick and harry seems to be jumping in. With the dumb ass projections comming up that the IT sector would boom and blah! blah! the innocent victims are the indians who are jumping in the band wagon. Where will they be 10 years from now? No one knows and no one cares right now. We have jobs and lots of jobs and that is all that matters. And this is one thing which really makes me sick. People are acting like sheep and will end up stacked up in a cubicle for the next 10-20-30 years of the

Finally bought and got it registered. So now the domain points to this page. Nothing earth shattering in it. But just wanted to write it down. Okay as for the " next big thing " I just hope it does not turn out to be a dud. So all I can do is keep shut about it :| But still I would like to add a brief overview of what the so called NBT ( next big thing ) is. It will allow you to blog anytime, anywhere. It will allow you to write and compose emails. Plus the coolest part is that it would be purely plugin based. And the final cool point would be that it would be cross platform and would work on IE (Internet Explorer) and firefox. It will support blogger, wordpress, gmail, yahoo, hotmail and a few others. Adding a webmail or blogging software would mean writing a little plugin for the NBT. I guess I have written quite a lot. Most of it is right now in my brain but I hope it should not take more than 15-20 days to get a working prototype. Any VC

Viamatic Thumb Tab

Yesterday launched the extension for firefox that shows thumbnails in firefox tabs. The good part is that all of it happens in realtime. There are a few problems using this extension. The biggest one being that it uses quite a lot of memory. This problem should be solved in the next version. My foXpose extension seems to be hanging no where. I will try and wrap it up in the next two days. The " next big thing " seems to be hanging nowhere.

Broadband in India a pathetic lie

With the kind of tarrif structure broadband can never ever take off in India. I guess there are a bunch or morons who make the telecom policy in India who have little or no idea what a KB, MB or GB is. To have a sample of this take a look at the tarrif plans offered by BSNL in thier GPRS segment. Rs. 199 rental scheme 10p per kb which works out to be roughly Rs. 100 per MB :) and the other scheme is Rs 345 which offers unlimited download. I mean where is the logic in offering the 199 scheme. Its is to screw up the normal person who has little or no idea about these things. One of my friends had opted for the 345 scheme but the wise guy at the exchange changed it to 199 and my friend got a bill of Rs. 12,000. Cause he had downloaded 100 MB of data. So if he had got the 345 scheme he would pay Rs. 345 but due to the staff who know little about KB, MB or GB he would have to shell out 12,000. Then comes the other offering by BSNL and the other private players. Broadband with limits, 1 GB i

AJAX Yahoo! Mail 25000 downloads in two months.

I guess finally the AJAX Yahoo! mail extension would reach 25000 downloads in about 2 months. Plus the greasemonkey AJAX Yahoo! mail user script is also not doing all that bad. It was a little suprising to see so many people actually using it. Today I finally submitted the user javascript for opera, lets see if it works out the same on opera. Its been a very strange two months for me. I resigned from my first real job :) After such a long time I am doing what I have always wanted to do. I hope that our next three extensions will be released with firefox 1.5. Since the two of those use the canvas tag introduced in 1.5 it makes sense to launch them once 1.5 is launched. As for the third extension it is a mix of flock + greasemonkey. I hope I am not spilling out too many beans. Two months and a few extensions, somehow its not too bad. I just hope XUL web applications somehow hit big time. All it needs is a little push from google. Technorati Tags: flock , greasemonkey , AJAX , firef

Unable to open and

This is a very funny thing. I am unable to open and and I have literally no idea why its hapenning. The other site I remember I tried to open was (spellings could be wrong. These sites simply timeout. I had to download the flock browser using I have no idea what the servers at are doing with such huge amounts of traffic that they seem to generate. But it works and that is what really matters. Technorati Tags: wordpress , , flock ,

Flock and the first impression

Well I will start with the first impression. It seems clumsy at best. I know I am being harsh, but it seems to be out of place on my computer. The one thing firefox got right was that they were not trying to impose the browser on you. You are given a very basic shell which you can extend as you wish. If you like themes you download it, but if you don't, nobody imposes it on you. That is one place where I see it as a negetive. But in anycase these are very early days and its just a developer preview. So things could change. Besides that I kinda like this blog editor. I am also making a similar extension for firefox, "ezBlogPad" but I have not even started that as yet. So that will be completed once I start it. Other that that it seems just like firefox with a clumsy theme. "The theme is soothing and blah!", says xyz. I don't care how soothing it is. It is trying to fit in with all my other programs and it looks like an alien. But that is just my first impress

Flock the social browser

I finally started my preview of the flock browser. Just started it and this is my first post from it. I will test it out today and lets see if this becomes my default browser :)