Working in India.. doing the odd jobs... and yet feeling proud..

This is more of a rant against out sourcing and the way indians are taking up jobs. In a way outsourcing is good but on the other hand we as indians are doing third grade jobs. Most indians when they join a college hardly know what they wish to do. Even once they finish their studies don't know what they want. If being a doctor was cool every other person would be going in for that. So like sheeps everyone is following the set standards. Since being in the IT sector is cool (lots of money) every tom, dick and harry seems to be jumping in.

With the dumb ass projections comming up that the IT sector would boom and blah! blah! the innocent victims are the indians who are jumping in the band wagon. Where will they be 10 years from now? No one knows and no one cares right now. We have jobs and lots of jobs and that is all that matters. And this is one thing which really makes me sick. People are acting like sheep and will end up stacked up in a cubicle for the next 10-20-30 years of their lives. And maybe after 10-15 years they will realise that this is not what they really wanted to do. The next big question are people really happy with their jobs? Lets just look at what makes people happy.

Money - this is the key driver for most people in India. When in a college kids hardly get monkey to spend and suddenly these guys and girls are getting more than what their parents would get when they retire. So how is it wrong.. you might be thinking. Earning money is good. Well there is nothing bad in earning money as long you are enjoying your work. But with the kind of work that is comming to India it is hardly interesting. Most big compaines in India have their testing centers in India. Most IT jobs in India can be classified as being a glorified typist. Their is harldy any R work being done in India. Most people would feel comfortable in thier jobs 'cause they are good for nothing in any case and since they are getting good money they will stick with it. Or to put it in a more blunt way most people are working 'cause they know they have the best jobs in the country, they are sitting in the AC cubicle, not doing much work, but being paid loads of money. And to top it all they can go for trips abroad. I should not forget this going abroad thing, 'cause this is one other place where we as Indians are stuck. Whenever you hear anyone say about going abroad. The first thing to be asked is how much one is saving. The guy or girl would say 1500-2000 USD per month. And there and then the Indian brain starts working and a magical figure of around Rs. 75000 per month. OH! MY GOD. Plus the tag of having gone abroad. This is once sick thing we need to get over fast before it is too late.

Thinking about all this one might think that I am against something so good.

Let me change the scenerio a little bit. Lets say there is a down turn or the jobs start going to some other country where the prices are even lower that what Indians are being paid. After all what most Indians are doing in the "IT sector" is no rocket science.

What would happen then? Most guys would be shaken down to the core with little or no good work exprience most indian workers in the IT sector would suffer a major setback. A setback that no one is ready to take. If you are a person in the IT sector just think for a moment. What would you do if the job you are working in was no longer with you 1 year down the line? What would you do? Would you still be able to survive? Can you survive in half the pay of what you are getting right now?

Just for your survival think about it. Are you doing something that is so cutting edge that it would take any other person a good 1-2 years to get to your level? If yes you are safe. If not then think about it, if your job can be done by the kid who passes out of college tommorow. Why would anybody who is sane enough pay you the amount you are being paid right now? With so many people passing out of colleges each year. And I mean with more than 60% of those guys and girls looking for IT jobs why do you think they would not target your job. If you are not the best in what you do then just start counting the days before your job goes to the next kid who comes out of college. I would love to write more but I am really sleepy right now. And besides that no one is ever going to read this :)

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Lion King said…
Of course someone would read your posting! :-)

Good write up...sure eevryone needdys to think abt it.

Btw, I came from the site Viamatic Software, I visited to download the Firefox plugin for AJAX Y! mail.
2-2 said…
Hey Brother...I read it :D ....I follow u everywhere... :P Whata cohesion I hv for my brother...
Well I hv no idea what kinda software u ve developed...But I know one thing for sure...ur innovative and brainy...Good Work..I really wish your goal of making your Viamatic Softwares...A HUGE SUCCESS materialises...
Lots of Love...
ur lil sister
Anonymous said…
I think it may not be entirely in the right sense to say that people flock to IT sector just for money...may be its the job u mentioned AC room and things like that. But I agree with ur view that people dont seem to think abt their future...already the Chinese are starting to make news...may be we Indians will retain IT jobs...but give up some perks and lower the pay
Anonymous said…
I am not a racist b4 anyone suggest... i have worked with offshore folk for 5 years - countless people. In that time I've met 2 people that were worth their salt.

The rest have been less-than-useless.

India will be replaced by Asian offshoring in the future. All your bases are ours.

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