AJAX Yahoo! Mail 25000 downloads in two months.

I guess finally the AJAX Yahoo! mail extension would reach 25000 downloads in about 2 months. Plus the greasemonkey AJAX Yahoo! mail user script is also not doing all that bad. It was a little suprising to see so many people actually using it. Today I finally submitted the user javascript for opera, lets see if it works out the same on opera. Its been a very strange two months for me. I resigned from my first real job :)

After such a long time I am doing what I have always wanted to do. I hope that our next three extensions will be released with firefox 1.5. Since the two of those use the canvas tag introduced in 1.5 it makes sense to launch them once 1.5 is launched. As for the third extension it is a mix of flock + greasemonkey. I hope I am not spilling out too many beans. Two months and a few extensions, somehow its not too bad. I just hope XUL web applications somehow hit big time. All it needs is a little push from google.

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ProV1 said…
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Anonymous said…
Hi vivek,
Thanks a lot for releasing an userjs for Opera also.I remember writing to you a few months back about it.
Where did you submit the userjs? I can't find it at www.userjs.org .

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