Saturday, August 23, 2008

Activate GPRS of PrePaid Airtel Punjab

I hate calling up the Airtel customer care and I try to find a solution online if I can. I've found two solutions to my problem but none of them seem to be working so I will have to call and spend the next half hour to get this information from a customer care executive.

Anyhow these are the solutions I've found online.

1) Rs. 20 per day send GPRS to 56789
2) Rs. 75 per week send GPRS7 to 56789
3) Rs. 15 per day send GPRSACT to 511 to deactivate this service send GPRSDEACT to 511
4) Write MO and send to 52696 to activate n DMO @ same no. for de-activation

I've tried all the solutions but without results. Let me know if you have a better way. Anyhow I better start calling, its going to take a while to get through.

UPDATE: Anyhow I called them up and this is what I got.

1) SMS NOP to 52696 to activate the service.
2) SMS NOP to 52567 to get the settings
3) SMS DNOP to 52696 to deactivate the service.
4) Call 121443 and you will directly talk to the customer care executive without going through the confusing menu.

Whats up with Google Update?

Just checking with AutoRuns for Windows and Google Update almost feels like a spyware in every possible place.

It acts as a service so when you turn on your computer it will make sure that its always on. If you somehow remove it as a service, it also acts like a BHO. The next time you start IE it will start. If for some weird reason these two failed its also in the scheduled tasks.

Just waiting till it installs itself as a driver as well.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mygazines - read magazines from around the world

Mygazines is like the youtube of magazines. It allows you to read and store your magazines online. But they are in a little bit of trouble with the copyright infringement notices flying across it right left and center. Its a really neat concept, as you can read magazines that you would not get in your local store.

They post the complete magazine with all the adverts intact so that should in a way be good for the publishing house. In the long run if they survive they should only be like a repository of old magazines. In any case most magazines have a shelf life of no more than a month. If they start storing older magazines with all the adverts intact it should work in the favor of the publishers.

Also people would be able to sample magazines which they would not otherwise. Its almost like online music. If someone likes the music they will pay for it. Same goes for a magazine. I loved reading the magazines online but for most other times I would like a physical copy, and I won't mind paying for the physical copy.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Using Shozu on Samsung i780

I was using Shozu to upload pictures and videos to flickr and youtube using my Nokia E61i. It is a really cool application and I had talked about it earlier when I had installed it on my earlier phone.

When I finally bought the new phone I was missing this application as currently the Samsung i780 is unsupported and I was unable to find a version that I could run on it. After trying out a few versions I stumbled upon the HTC Touch version and it works quite well on this phone. So if you have a Samsung i780 download the shozu application for HTC Touch and use it. Atleast till they provide support for this phone.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Auto disconnect GPRS/3G on Samsung i780

I recently bought a Samsung i780 which has Windows Mobile 6. There is a tiny bit of a problem specially with the GPRS connection. Everytime the mobile checked my email it would keep the connection alive and would not disconnect. Since it remains connected it drains out the battery.

You will need a registry editor to make these changes. You can download a free registry editor from Download the Pocket PC 2002/2003 (ARM/PXA) version and install it on your mobile phone.

To change the settings follow the detailed steps listed on this page. I have listed the steps in brief. You will need to use the registry editor to make the changes.


The 1st key is DWORD CacheTime the number denotes the number of seconds to wait before the auto disconnect, by default it is 600 seconds.

the 2nd key is Multiline value / String SuspendResume which can have 2 values

~GPRS! :- 3G always On
GPRS_bye_if_device_off :- timeout after CacheTime

On my phone it was set to ~GPRS! due to which the connection was never terminated.