A wet wet day to start with. Got drenched the moment I stepped out of the house. Had to come back in and change :D
After that the day was, really don't know how to define it. Long and very long, almost no work worth anything was done. Stared at the screen for hours without much output. Had way too much going in my mind. I just wish life was a little more simpler. It seems to be filled with way to many uninitlilised variables which seem to point to nothing or mostly dangling pointers. Wow am I a genius or what?

Well the good things for today has to be setting up WebDAV and ftp access in eclipse. Just before I forget Eclipse is so damn cool. I mean you can literaly use it for anything you fancy. Name the language and it has a plugin. The SWT is one great way of working. No more stupid looking swing applications. Though JDK 1.5 has improved the complete look and feel of swing, but native look is something that rocks.

Well its a long journal I've written so far :)

I will try to write a seprate tech blog somewhere else. Dealing with longhorn, lazlo , rich client apps + more.

Anyhow my blog writer would be on its way soon. It will be a .net app. Also avaliable for mono :)


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