GBrowser? Why another browser Part - I

This is what has been going in my head round and round for quite sometime now. Why-O-Why? Is Google interested in Firefox and its developers?

That seems like a stupid question. Well they need a browser that they can call there own. Maybe “GBrowser” or whatever they may call it later.

Why GBrowser???

Browser in a way is the future OS. So who so ever has the browser rules the planet. Now you might think I am talking like a dumb ass.  Well there is one guy who is really smart with all this “Steve Jobs”. Mac for a very long time did not have a brower that Apple made. So those guys spent a lot of time and developed safari of course they used the Konquers source code or to be on the right track KHTML sources to make their own browser. So now Mac controls there own market unlike earlier when Microsoft was controlling the Mac market with IE being the default browser for the Mac.

So where is all this leading to. Well today if you want to search for anything you normally go to Google (at least a majority of the population). So tomorrow Microsoft launches its “Windows IE 7” and has MSN search built in. “Where will Google go then?” Half the population will start using MSN for search and will forget Google since “we” as humans seem to go for whatever is easier. At first we would scream and shout the MSN sucks and whatever but soon we will get used to it and start getting used to it.

This is where GBrowser comes in. They would never ever want to loose there market like this. Okay that is part of the story that you might get from nearly any source you’ve read.

More coming in part II..


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