GBrowser? Why another browser Part - II

So the point I made in Part – I was that Google needs to make there own browser because it would never want to be controlled by the “Evil” Empire (Personally I seem to like the “Evil” Empire and would never call them that unless they mowed me down()

Okay now to the more important point of having there own browser. Let’s talk about Web 2.0 or maybe Web 3.0 or whatever the next level of web is. Today if you want to open a calendar application. You would open up or something similar. What if instead of a simple html page a complete application opened up in seconds and you could simple make the changes online. As a developer you could make changes to the application anytime as it is on your servers and as a user you would be able to access that application from any device (computer) on this planet as long as you are on the net. So what does all this have to do with a Firefox, GBrowser, Safari or IE??
Firefox has XUL okay it will also support XForms and SVG sometime in the future but today it has XUL and that is what the power of Firefox is on which GBrowser would be developed (If it is ever developed).

So if you develop an application in XUL today you can open it and run it without installing a single component on your computer today. Plus the platforms supported by Firefox are Window, Linux, Mac, Solaris, BSD and it’s a long list. It supports nearly most platforms that can support a GUI.

Need I say more?


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