Google = BETA

Google should soon rename it self to Google the BETA company. There is hardly a product from Google that is not in BETA. Except for search I guess all other products are in BETA. So if anything goes wrong they have the safety net with them. “You were using a BETA product.

Google seems to take less responsibility than it should take. Take for instance GDS 1.0 BETA was launched followed by GDS 2.0 BETA.

When was the final GDS 1.0 launched?

They have started a revolution where nearly every company is trying to release BETA products. Not to the BETA testers but to the general public. I mean if for some reason there is a major bug in GDS 2.0, Google Talk or even for that matter Gmail or Orkut. The BETA tag will be there to bail them out. What happens to the poor guy who tried to do the beta testers work for them.

Google is getting free beta testers or should I say free guinea pigs to test out there products.


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