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When ever I think of Microsoft I feel that it is one company which is talking a lot of flak for things it’s not done. They are being called slow to respond to a lot of things. Windows Vista is 1-2 years late. But when we see things in a larger perspective can anyone ever say how much time is required to build an OS of that magnitude. When everybody is trying to cut you right, left and center. Let’s see how many OS companies there are, Microsoft, Redhat, Novell, IBM, HP, SUN, Apple and a few others. But can any of those OS’s except for windows support such a diverse range of H/W. I doubt it.

Most of the times companies take decisions which would give them leverage. I will continue this some other time as I am really sleepy but I will complete this one soon.

Okay just for the record, I think Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google as of today are one of the best in there class. Not a very new statement. But what I really mean to say is that they have grown to proportions where it’s hard for them to notice things.  Google for one is what I would call a company that still thinks like a startup and that is its real power. They take so many risks that the other companies simply cannot afford or think about taking. I know I said about Google = BETA in my earlier post. That is what I would call a risk but a calculated risk. When people start trusting you, it’s easy for you to throw anything at them. Find one major security hole in one of their applications and the whole pyramid will fall down, and that is what I am scared about Google. They are a great company but some of the steps they are taking could eventually lead to a fall that would be impossible to control. They can survive till they invent a new thing each day. The day that stops happening they will cease to exist. i.e. if anyone is left to fight them (


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