My tryst with XML

I have been using XML in some form or the other for about 6 years now. Till about 2 years back I thought of XML as just another way of storing data. I guess I never really got over the fact that it was so simple and just some sort of extended HTML.

Over the years I got to learn another language TCL, at first I simply did not enjoy working in it. I just could not stand the way the syntax was. It felt so restricted. I always programmed in C/C++ or some or the other flavor of BASIC. But learning TCL was like unlearning a lot of things. But by the end of it I started liking how it worked.

Its not just me but a lot of people I know who develop some kind of phobia or I should say a mental block to technologies and concepts. The biggest place where I lag today is Regular Expressions. I can write the simpler ones but as things get trickier I will “google” is rather than write it myself. That is one place where I really need to work.

Anyhow I guess I have gone far away from the topic. The project was in TCL and it had to save files in XML. Now when two things which you do not like come together is not a very positive sign. And after this my word processor crashed I crashed into bed.. so another post that will be finished tonight.


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