XUL the final frontier

Wow! I like the title of this post.  Actually this is the next in series to GBrowser. It could be called part III of the series but I guess a new title is apt for it. Okay going ahead with the reason for creating GBrowser somehow I feel XUL is the by far the biggest reason for it.  You might think I am going back on my words and whatever I said so far makes little sense to what I am saying now.

The big “Evil” company has a technology XAML. In a way that is the Web 2.0 or should I say Web 3.0, in a way the application would work online but with an interface that would sit on your computer. SO WHAT??? Okay now if M$ gets to rule the web with there new technology where does Google go. For XAML applications to be built and run it would require the latest H/W and the latest S/W Windows Vista or the least would be Windows XP SP2.

That is where the browser scores I mean GBrowser will scores. It will hopefully use XUL that is the XML used to define the interface which in a way is a lot like XAML. The good thing about XUL is that it is available for all platforms and if Google makes just one killer application using XUL people will simply forget XAML and that is where they will eventually score. XUL is currently supported on Netscape 6.0 and higher, Firefox 1.0 and higher, AOL browser, Mozilla suite if it’s still there and every other browser that is made using Mozilla. And that my friend is a very huge number. If you make an application for XUL it can run on these browsers. Compare this with Windows IE 7.0 or Windows Vista. How many people are using Windows Vista that will run the XAML applications? And the other big question is how many platforms it supports. Will my latest whiz-bang XAML application run on Mac OS, currently NO. On the other hand will my XUL application run on a Mac OS YES? It will. Same goes for Linux and family.


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