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A brand new day

After trying to blog using every possible tool in town. I am blogging using an email client. Just finished installing Apache, MySQL and the complete website in less than 20 minutes. XAMPP really makes things so simple. 5 mintutes to install the server software and 15 minutes to setup my own site. This is really cool. P.S.: I guess blogging using email is not working so I had to post it using Blogger :(

Viamatic foXpose downloaded 4000 times in 5 days

When we started making the Viamatic Tabnail extension we thought it would be the one which would be downloaded more. It has a very original design and I still feel it is a better extension than foXpose . The funny part is that it took a few weeks to get the final design of foXpose ready. Initially we started out with a sidebar extension, then we switched over to another design. After trying out many combinations we finally settled in for the canvas inside the tab. It might seem easy to make but getting the design right was a real headache. We first got rid of the image and replaced it with teh canvas. But this design had a flaw, how would you know if the page has loaded. So we had to keep both the image as well as the canvas. The second thing was as the number of tabs increased it would be impossible to show the canvas. That was another design challange. All this seems like smart talk now but all I can say is that it was a really good effort that went into designing the Tabnail exte

Bye! Bye! Google. I am back to Yahoo!

Its been more than a week and google has been acting really funny. The only way of getting onto google is to use the IP. That is really frustrating. I have changed the default search engine from google to Yahoo! Whenever I wish to search for anything all I see is the problem with the DNS. I really don't know if its a problem with thier hardware or someone has hacked into the google plex. These two lines are what I normally see when I unknowingly use google. " The connection has timed out The server at is taking too long to respond. " The outages seem to be increasing at such an alarming rate that now its almost impossible to log onto gmail. The only way of checking mail on gmail is through a mail client. I started using the IP but that does not make life any easier. So finally after being frustrated I am back with Yahoo! If you use Yahoo! as the default search engine in firefox it hardly matters if its Yahoo!, MSN or Google. Next time if you do not get