Bye! Bye! Google. I am back to Yahoo!

Its been more than a week and google has been acting really funny.
The only way of getting onto google is to use the IP. That is really
frustrating. I have changed the default search engine from google to
Yahoo! Whenever I wish to search for anything all I see is the problem
with the DNS. I really don't know if its a problem with thier hardware
or someone has hacked into the google plex. These two lines are what I
normally see when I unknowingly use google. "The connection has timed out

The server at is taking too long to respond."

The outages seem to be increasing at such an alarming rate that now
its almost impossible to log onto gmail. The only way of checking mail
on gmail is through a mail client. I started using the IP but that does
not make life any easier. So finally after being frustrated I am back
with Yahoo!

If you use Yahoo! as the default search engine in firefox it hardly
matters if its Yahoo!, MSN or Google. Next time if you do not get
through google just try setting Yahoo! as the default, you will hardly
notice the difference.

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Anonymous said…
I think the problem was on your side.
Anonymous said…
I think it's your side too - this has started happening to me since I loaded FF 1.5 - I hit your blog looking for clues as to what was going on.
Ashis Kumar said…
It Must be U!

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