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If there is one thing which has taken time for me to get into my head it has to be CSS. The problem in this case had to be tables. Let me explain it in a little more detail. When I would design web pages earlier on, all I could think of was a table and pages would be laid out using tables. The only problem there was that tables were never meant to postion things on a webpage.

If you have used tables to postion things in the past it is really tough to unlearn so much stuff. Only once you let go of whatever you have learned and think from scratch that you can use CSS. All I can say is that once you start thinking beyond tables you can make really good looking and functional sites that can work across platforms and devices. If you've never used tables or you are just starting out CSS would not be all that daunting.

If you plan to learn CSS here are a few sources you need to check out.
  1. A List Apart: This is a site for people who make websites :) stole there tagline. Anyhow really cool samples and also ways to get over the tables hangover. The tables hangover is a realy tough one to get over with.
  2. Sitepoint: Another great site with great tips and tricks. Has some of the web designers who write for them. Great articles.
  3. CSS Play: This is a personal website but has great samples in a very clear and neat manner. The samples are simple and beautiful.
  4. CSS Zen Garden: This the one site which really started it all for me. You really need to see what designers are capable of using CSS. I do check this site often to see the crazy stuff designers are capable of.
  5. Quirks Mode: This is a personal website but this guy writes great stuff. CSS/JS and nearly everthing and anything to deal with web designing.
  6. Dean Edwards: This is again a personal website but this guy also writes a lot about CSS and again really cool stuff.
This are many others that I seem to be missing out right now. Will add them as and when I remember.

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