Deepest Sender a cool blogging utility and Stylish umm..

Today was quite a long day. Its 2:30 AM in the morning. So it is definately loooong. Just got a free day pass on . I checked it out later that everyone was getting a free day pass. I was thinking of developing two extensions. One was a blogging utility but I found something very similar to what I was wishing for "Deepest Sender".

The other extension I was thinking of was a skinning extension. I found stylish and that was one of the cool little extension I wanted to develop. This extension is almost perfect. Even though I develop extensions but I don't use more than 3-4 but these two are a must have extension no matter what.

I hope to change the look and feel of my blog. Add a little more spice to the blog. I guess I will be blogging more now as I have finally found what I was looking for "Deepest Sender". Sounds like a U2 song. :)

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