Deltree in Windows XP

If you are like me and sometimes still use the command line to delete stuff and you miss the deltree command here is a batch file which does the same.

Save the contents in your %WINDOWS% directory and name it as deltree.bat
@echo off
del /s %1
rd /s %1
You can also use del /s /y if you do not want the prompt, but that could be a little dangerous.

The other problem I seem to face nearly everyday is the LS command. Since there is no inbuild LS in Windows XP here is a simple LS for windows.
@echo off
dir %1
These are batch files I use normally and I know its not something out of the world but it makes things simpler for me. So I thought I would share it.


Anonymous said…
Thanks! This is really handy for XP users.
Anonymous said…
I added a /q switch to both commands in the deltree batch file, it stops all those annoying "Are you sure, y/n?" prompts.
Anonymous said…
rd doesn't compute *.* , while deltree did so.

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