EzBasic the project that could be

In a way I have forgotten a lot about EzBasic. I have spent around a good 3-4 years on getting the concept right. But with so many things happening I left it in between. The project still has a lot of potential but again like XUL since there are little or no examples no one has been able to see the real potential of the project.

I have always wished to get a working edition of EzBasic on linux using wine but without putting in some more time that is not really possible. I was also planning a XUL like language for EzBasic. But I guess this whole project will stagnate as I will never be able to devote the kind of time the project requires. I am still not saying that the project is dead but I will try to revive it as and when possible.

These days most of my effort is in designing and developing web based projects and EzBasic is not web based in any sense. It needs a few tweaks and EzBasic can be ready for primetime. The amount of memory that EzBasic takes makes designing applications like uTorrent possible without too much effort. Though I need to clarify that uTorrent is not made using EzBasic. I am just taking it as an example of a really tiny little application that just works.

I wish I had more time and I was a little less lazy :). I would certainly like to float a couple of samples that show the real power of EzBasic + JS + XUL. I just hope I can do it sometime. But incase something like this comes up it would really be mind blowing. The ability to design complex GUI's using simple to use tools.

I will only take up this project once I am done with the work I have currently in my hands.


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