Google Pages first look

I just made a webpage on googlepages. For people who have no idea about HTML and want to make a webpage it might seem like a good place. What I hate about google is there simple color scheme. It looked fine for a while but now it sucks. It almost reminds me of AWT in java. The only reason why Java failed badly on the desktop was 'cause of AWT. By the time they launched Swing the boat had already sailed. The same goes for google, they are trying to build more and more tools with the stupid looking color scheme. Most of their tools look really cool when they are launched but soon loose there fizz after a few days.

Google has some very good products in its kitty but the only one google has actually developed and the one I like is GMail and search and sometimes googlenews. The other products just seem to be concepts which are cool but very few people actually use them more than once. I like there services like Google Earth and Blogger, but the truth is that they have bought it and not developed it.

With so many people who are capable of creating magic working for Google I just hope they are creating something that has not been seen so far. Guess with the money and the talent pool they have, google can create magical things. But still waiting for those killer applications.

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