Its 2:30 AM and I am awake

I just hope I can get dotbeta up and running as soon as possible. I hope I can get it up by tonight. A little wishfull thinking :)


Anonymous said…
dotbeta as in the site or dotbeta as in the social search engine.

And won't the socila search engine increase spam.

I mean imagine webmaster constantly bookmarking their sites.

For example: A person like me could bookmark anysite talking about India for the query Next Superpower or Superpower.

How are you planning to reduce or aviod spam
VJ said…
Well the social search part of the search engine is still a few months away. I just plan to release the inital framework on which it will be developed. I feel its still going to take some time to release the basic javascript edition.
Q said…
Oh cool, but like I mentioned previously how will you tackle spam. I mean human editing is a little too much. Imagine Google hiring people to maintain their pages on the top.

Wov freaky.

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