Never ever "GO" with GoDaddy

In the past few years I have used many webhosts but the most pathetic of all has to be GoDaddy. Never ever buy the GoDaddy webhosting. If you want an over restrictive account where you cannot do anything please go with it, otherwise stay clear of it no matter what. I have an ASP hosting and a Linux hosting account.

I could not load any application on the webhost and at last I had to load wordpress to host my website. I would have been happy if PHP worked without errors, but it took me days to get wordpress up on the website. After going through many forums on wordpress and godaddy I finally figured out the hacks to install it on GoDaddy.

I would still be content if all this worked but no plugins can be loaded in wordpress 'cause of the over restrictive hosting policy. Then to top it all after every few pages you will see mysql errors on the website, 'cause the connection to the mysql server gets lost every now and then. All this when there is not much load on the website.

Once the site got slashdotted and all I could see was "Service not avaliable" and that too within the first hour of being slashdotted. And that was when I was using plain HTML around 3 months back. Had I got the PHP based scripts I doubt it could stand more than 100 people and most visitors would be reporting the now famous "mysql server error" which is normally caused by overoad.

The control panel on GoDaddy has to be the worst of all the webhosts I have used so far. It seems to timeout after every two minutes. It looks as if it was designed about 10 years back and never updated after that. I have been trying to create a subdomain and its already been 30 minutes since I started it. To add a subdomain you need to click atleast 10 times. After every option it has to confirm "Please review your sub domain information. If everything looks OK, click Add to add the sub domain to your hosting account." And the best part the domain is not created the moment you confirm but it becomes a "Pending Setup".

After all this frustration I finally shifted to dreamhost and so far the account is really good. Right now I only have one website there, I will soon shift the others when I get some free time.

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Anonymous said…
You obviously didnt see enough webhosts.. The one I had before godaddy went out of business without warning any of their clients & I lost a LOT of files.

Cheap webhosting should NOT be used to run crazy apps like wordpress.

you cant except the moon for 3 bucks a month !!!! come on. For a small website its just perfect. Ive been with them for over a year and never had any problems.

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