New theme and colors

I junked the old theme and made this theme from scratch. The good thing about this theme is that it has no tables. It uses CSS to position all the elements on this page. If I was told to make a 3 column layout about an year back I would have used tables no matter what. This time I stuck to the basics and used no tables at all. I am no designer but I still like the simple design that it has turned out to be.

I have used a single font for the complete site. Plus the biggest reason for changing the theme was that the older design was fixed. Most designs that are fixed are designed for 800x600 resoution. This design is designed for any resolution and it can be easily handled by most handheld devices. I forgot to post this in the last post, but the other reason to junk was that most of the themes there are fixed which makes everything look so cramped.

In the earlier theme I had just pasted the adwords code, but this time around I have made sure that all the colors match, and the adwords look like a part of the site. On most sites adwords look more like an alien space ship on the site and less like a part of the site.

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Anonymous said…
yaar vivek i am prikshit where are you nowdays i called u also.thankx bye

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