Nothing great about today

When I left my job, the first thing I had decided was that I would keep a log of whatever I was doing. That is exactly where this blog fits. I had planned of writing down whatever happened during the day. Any special site I have visited or any event of that day. Guess with time I forgot all that and got busy with a lot of things.

At the end of all this I still fell that even though I never ever have time I am not getting much out of life. So I guess I really do need to document whatever I do with a greater detail as and when possible. So from today (i was going to write tomorrow) onwards I will document every tiny little detail of whatever I do.

These days I am creating a few plugings to convert POP3 into an Atom feed. Not only POP3, but you will be able to generate Atom feeds out of hotmail and yahoo accounts. I choose Atom as Gmail already has a Atom feed so makes it simpler to use it.

I wanted to write more about the inner workings of this project but I guess that would be for another day. I have not been able to work much on my own projects. Be it dotbeta, forum software or a couple of other software I am developing. I have my hands in way too many things and the end result is that I am not getting much. I need to concentrate on one project and complete it. Once a project is finished it is kind of fulfilling.

Most of the projects I am doing pay little or nothing but I guess the amount of things I am learning is quite immense. I am really hopeful of XUL as a platform. Somehow if it’s cleverly marketed and is presented in a manner a normal programmer can understand, it can hit big time. But the problem right now is the kinds of examples that can make people take notice of it are really small in number. I really wanted to create the XUL based backend that could be as an example for what the real power of XUL is. I need to finish of my pending projects before I can jump into it. Just wish some of the projects could come to a logical end.

This post is purely about the random thoughts as they come to my mind. So if by any chance you are reading about it all I can say is that I am surprised that someone could take the time to read all this.


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