The rise and fall of foXpose

Before I talk about anything else I need to clarify a few things. foXpose != Expose nor is foXpose a copy of Quick Tabs.

foXpose was started in August '05 and finally saw the light of day sometime in November. It started out when we laid our hands on DeerPark and the new canvas component in it. We developed an extension which shows thumbnails in tabs and also another extension that would allow you to view all the tabs on a single page.

We named the thumbnails in a tab as Thumb Tab. No one liked the name and finally we had to change it to TabNail. Viamatic foXpose was another extension we had developed but never released as we thought that no one would use foXpose if they were using TabNail. Reluctantly we released foXpose as there was very little response to TabNail. Even today I feel TabNail is a much better concept than foXpose, and I still use TabNail more than foXpose.

The thing with TabNail is that it requires time to get used to, while foXpose runs without changing the way you work. It’s more on demand and less in your face. The other problem with TabNail is that it does not work with other popular tab extensions like TabMix Plus etc.

Internally foXpose was named as Xpose because it exposes hidden tabs. But we finally named it foXpose as it would be used with firefox. So the final question would be is it a copy of Expose. The simple answer NO. I have not used OSX till date. Earlier on its release we were going to name it EzTabs but had we named it EzTabs then we would be blamed that it is an exact copy of Quick Tabs. It is defiantly a funny world 

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Anonymous said…
Dude, you coulda called this thing The Mother Teresa.

Fact is, foxpose rocks--so hard that IE7 has a feature identical to it. ;)
Anonymous said…
actually microsoft announced quick tabs before foXpose.

But I prefer foXpose as it's much more flexible
Anonymous said…
so the name will stay foXpose right
VJ said…
Yes the name stays :)
Anonymous said…
yay thanks and keep up the good work.

when might the next version be ?

Feature Request for TabNail:

Make it so that it only comes up when moves over.


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