Google Pages the second look

I know I might have trashed GooglePages on the first look. But as I have started using it, there is something about it that makes me say its awesome. Finally it is the best way to move your things from one place to the other. I really don't like the webhosting part but I really like the fact that I can use it like a web drive. So if you want to upload a file all it takes is a single click and you are done. No messy emails to take care of.

It is hard to describe why its better but only once you start using it will you know how easy it is to manage your files. That was the good part :), but there is also a problem, you cannot make directories. So if you have many files it will become difficult to manage things once the number of files increase.

They are most proabaly using the onBlur event to capture when you select any file to upload. It feels so natural, specially the way the file is uploaded in one click. No questions asked and almost no page refresh. No need for a FTP client, everything seems to go with the flow. I uploaded my site there and currently they have no adverts. But so far I have not been able to set index.htm as the default. Lets see when and how I can insert the javascript using the pages editor.


Anonymous said…
Using google pages is inviting spam.
Your gmail id is the subdomain. So spam bots can now easily get your gmail id's.It's as simple as doing a google search.

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