Making the blogger navbar a little cooler

I know many people hate the blogger bar, but removing it is most probably against the policy of blogger. You can only remove it if you are using a FTP based account and hosting it on your own servers. I have seen may people completely hiding the navbar but that is against the policy. While designing this new template I had tried to merge the navbar with the rest of the doucment but I failed miserably. So I came up with this.
#b-navbar { opacity: 0; filter: alpha(opacity=50); }
#b-navbar:hover { opacity: .65; filter: alpha(opacity=75); }
</style >
It will not remove the bar completely. It will only be visible on a mouseover event. It works in Firefox, Opera 9 and Safari. On IE it will show a translucent navbar, which looks better than the original bar. Add this code in the head tag of your blogger template. Incase you want to use this template on your own blog contact me.

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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
If this is illegal then what would you say about, they have completely removed the nav bar. Atleast here the navbar is still there but its just a little more funcky :)
Jared said…
Grand. Can't see the harm in it - at least you can still use the functionality and use it to flag dodgy blogs. This should be one of the options along with the extensive (!) colourscheme choices.

Nice work Vivek.
Anonymous said…
Any way to make the navbar show up in Mozilla but just faded like in IE? That would be a good compromise with the TOS.
Blog Bloke said…
Dan - just remove " :hover " from the script.

Nice hack Vivek.

Great hack. Does it work in blogger out of beta? Because when I previewed my blog, everything was messed up. If it does work in the new blogger then I'll figure out what I'm doing wrong. Also, I suggest you provide more thorough instructions for the people that don't know much about codes.

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