Get a $90 rebate at dreamhost

I guess I can get my webhosting cheap if I get people to signup for dreamhost. I really like them and after a very stupid webhost "GoDaddy", dreamhost comes as a real surprise. They offer WebDAV, Shell accounts, 1TB bandwidth and nearly every other thing the other hosts provide. The best thing that they provide is a shell account. A shell account really gives you a lot of power to do things you can only imagine with the other hosts. They don't have the CPanel as the admin panel. They use their own setup. If you are a developer you will really like the features they provide. Dreamhost is not really for dummies but for a people who know the importance of shell/cvs/subversion while developing. I have not seen any webhost other than dreamhost which provides all three in the regular packages.

If that gets you excited you can get a rebate of $90 on the $120/year hosting plan by using the promo code VIVEK. So you get the yearly package for $30 with all the features plus more. You can also use this link to sign up and I will get some extension in my hosting.

So next time you are looking for a host go with dreamhost. Atleast till I get the kind of service I am getting I would really like people to use their services. Incase I find a better host I will write about it. If you know of a better webhost do let me know. I guess I need another post on GoDaddy soon. Specially about the control panel.

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