Template used on this blog

If you want you can use the template used on this blog on your own blog you are free to use it. Goto template and cut and paste this code in that section. You would need to change the links and the images.

If you use this template just link back to this blog. There is a link in the footer, please let it remain there. Other than that you are free to modify whatever you want.
Download the code for the template.

I hope somebody uses it. If you do don't forget to leave a comment and a link back to your blog.


Q said…
Do you mind if I tweak it a bit ?
VJ said…
You can go ahead and tweak it. I hope you leave a trackback to this blog in the footer.
shaner said…
wow! great template dude. thx very much, if i do end up using it i'll make sure to keep the trackback.

thx again


Anonymous said…
The download link for the template is no longer available. Can you please provide an alternate link? Thanks

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