Reflecting back on the past month

The past few months have simply gone by and I have not done much. I had to develop a few projects now that's more or less on hold. I guess I need a surge of energy to restart work. But then again its just a matter of time. Since the last time I posted time has more or less come to a standstill. I have a few more ideas in my mind and the old ideas are on hold. Lets see when any of my ideas see the light of day.

In my previous entries I had written about dotbeta. I am still hopeful that it will be completed once I restart work on it. I had written an article Speed up your AJAX based webapps, and the good part is that most hotshot Web 2.0 webapps are using the caching techniques I had written about. Though its not called prontoCache as I was thinking about. But then again I saw quite a few copycat articles to the one I had written within a week I wrote that article. There are a couple of other things I have learned while thinking and designing dotbeta, and I guess I will write about those tips and tricks once I launch dotbeta so that people actually have a way to look at those techniques in action.

The last time I wrote that article many people complained there there was nothing on dotbeta. This time around I will try and get something up and running before I post my next article with all the techniques I have learned over the past year.

And before I finish of with this post I just hope I can post a little more regularly. Lets see but I plan to post at least twice a week. Maybe about the articles I have come across on digg/slashdot/reddit or some other site, or just generally about the software or web application I've come across.

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