Adobe releases Apollo

I just had a first look at Apollo, and in its first look it feels like a glorified version of HTA (HTML Application). Something that Microsoft built like years ago. Not that I hate HTA or Apollo but I just hope they don't leave it midway. I really like the concept of HTA applications but in the end I hate the fact that they just don't look native. I would rather develop a Java based application today rather than make something in Apollo. Like I said earlier the reasons to not use Java are no longer there. If you make an application in Apollo today the major problem is getting the runtime on the consumers computer. Unlike flash its not really a small little download but quite a huge download. Apollo is based on webkit and the webkit dll alone is 12 MB for the windows platform. Its still an alpha version so a lots going to change. I am not very hopeful that it just might work in the long run but then again it just needs one killer application and people will line up and start using it.

Lets see what gets developed and how it works out. Will Apollo be the next browser? thats one question that will be answered in the next few months as it develops.

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