After tabbed browsing we have tabbed Yahoo! Messenger

Guess it was about time now you can open multiple conversations in tabs using yahoo messenger. You don't need to download anything new just make this slight change in the registry and you have yahoo messenger with tabs. Though it does not work perfectly at least the one I have installed has problems refreshing the window. But then again these problems could possibly be solved in the next version.

Turn on tabbed yahoo messenger
Turn off tabbed yahoo messenger

Download and run the first file when you want to turn on tabbed messenger and use the second file when you want to return back to the normal mode.

So whats inside the reg files. Actually nothing much just a registry entry needs to be added that tells the IM to use tabs for conversations.
"Tabbed IM"=dword:00000001
To go back to the normal mode change the 00000001 to 00000000. The code is there if you know how to tinker with the registry for most other people download and and run the reg files and you won't have to worry about messing around with the registry.

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