Twitter seems like a great tool

If you have a look at the top of the blog there is a What am I doing right now? which shows you what I am doing right now. Not that you would be interested in knowing what I am doing but if you have a group of friends you want to stay in touch with using IM, SMS or just the web its the perfect tool to do that. To update the message on top I can use my IM (GTalk, Yahoo!, MSN or AOL), SMS or the website to update in realtime what I am doing right now. So the messages you see on top are live. I am not really sure till when I will keep updating it, but it sure does look like a really cool concept. If I was still in college I would have loved to stay in touch with my friends using it. The real cool part is that incase you are not online you can still get the updates using SMS. So if you like to be updated about anything you can follow news about it using twitter. I am just waiting for digg to have a twitter account and I can get the latest promoted digg news using twitter.

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