First impression of the Mac Book

This is the first time I am using OSX. The last mac I used was based on Mac OS 7.xx. Having used a windows machine all this time it seems so different using this. The first thing that one sees is the the build quality of the machine and on that front there is nothing I can complain about. Everything just feels right in terms of the hardware. I am in love with the keyboard and I just wish my laptop had this keyboard. As far as the mouse/trackpad is concerned I simply hate it. Where is the second button????, its a mess holding down the ctrl to simulate a right click.

Safari as a browser seems so different and just not something I could ever get used to. The fonts look a little to dark and a little out of place. The other thing I still could not figure out is how I can maximize a window. Maybe these are silly things but I don't feel I can change my habits all of a sudden. Just downloaded Opera and Yahoo! Messenger and the size of the installers is 2-3 times compared to the windows installers of the same programs.

The one good thing I really liked is the talking clock that tells you the time every 15 minutes. It is something that makes a lot of sense. This is just my first impression of this machine. Overall if I buy another machine I would rather buy something that is not a mac. I just don't feel at right working on this machine. Its different and I don't like it. Lets see if my impression changes after a few days.

Finally realized to open a new tab in th browsers its the key with the Apple, I think its the command key plus 'T'. So in a way Ctrl == Command key. I could be wrong calling it the command key but WTH.


Unknown said…
Ah .. a mac book ... awesome! ... I am looking to buy one in a few months .. and by few I mean .. till my windows notebook breaks .. which isn't going to happen atleast for 6-7 months. I got a mac mini instead. I had similar thoughts as you about mac .. but hell no, I was completely wrong .. this machine is totally awesome! ... I am in love with my mac :) .. the goodies and aesthetics are just plain awesome! :) .. hope you get more used to it ... and I do have a right click .. I use a mighty mouse :) ... also .. I am a bit surprized that of all the cool things on a mac os x system you mentioned the clock :) ...

Hope you're doing great over there :)
Ritesh Nadhani said…
Well, whatever is your problem is a general paradigm shift of how Mac works. If you dont like the mouse, install any basic USB mouse to your Mac and you will get the same effect.

Also, maximizing idea is not there in Mac. Its not in their philosphy. Use it for 2 months and you will like the cascading effect of Mac.

Its neat...and everything just works!

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