Apple giving $100 credit to early iPhone buyers

Last night I was thinking about the apple fiasco. And wow they have really done what I was thinking. I was somehow sure that apple would give out a discount coupon or something similar and all the fanbois would be happy. Not that its apple's problem but I somehow felt that giving a $100 rebate just makes sense. The apple sheeps have to buy more apple products in sense Apple keeps their flock happy.

In a way I've started thinking like Steve Jobs :) but I guess this was the best way to deal with this situation. I really love the way this whole fiasco has been managed. In the end everyone is happy. The fanbois get a $100 rebate, apple still gets to keep its flock intact.

Just to clarify had this been done by Microsoft the same boi's would be running out with their torches and trashing it right left and center. And the $100 would be way too little. I love the way things are for Microsoft and Apple.


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