Challenging myself for a month of work and results

Over the last few months actually 2 years I have not been able to develop things I really wanted to or to be more precise finish things that I've been developing. The main reason seems to be that whenever I start anything I never finish it and somehow move onto the next project. Due to this I have loads of ideas but nothing that is finished. Since this is not really my job and its more of a hobby these projects seem to linger on for ages without any concrete results.

So to challenge myself here is a list of tasks I plan to finish this month. Not sure if I really stick to it, but if I say it here on the blog and there are enough people to push me around about the list I just might finish them. So here goes the list in terms of priority.

  • Work and make the Comic Reader generic, so that anyone can add other comics that they like

  • Finish off the mystery project. Its been a few months in development and redevelopment and have been going back and forth a couple of times without actually launching anything online. Its nothing big but still something I and a few other people might use. This is the first priority and needs to be finished.

  • After this post was on slashdot I realized I had to develop a project for the mobile platform and I have zeroed in on a J2ME project. This is just to prove that I know a little bit about programming and not making things up. If nothing else this would be a good answer to people who thought I did not know about what I was talking. I will be working on an IM product. I am not doing anything from scratch but will be taking in some Open Source projects and combining them to make something useful that I can use. And in the end if it works out maybe other people can also use it. Stay tuned for information on this project.

  • Once I am done with the first two projects I need to get a common template for, and and combine them to form a link in all of them. I am still not sure how this one will go.

  • There might be others but for now this is what needs to be finished in a months time.


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