The mystrey "Free Public WiFi" is all over

What exactly is the free public wifi? At first I thought it was some government funded project but its a lot more weirder than that. It seems to be everywhere I go, and to top it all its all over the town/country/world. I am not sure if the IP remains the same but if it does, there is something really awesome that can be done using it. Wait and watch this space for more details.

I am just hoping that we can somehow get a DNS system in place and you would be able to connect back to your computer at home without using any ISP. All your traffic would be Peer-To-Peer and way too many things and plans are going on in my head. I can just visualize the whole town connected using WiFi and you can watch streaming media and transfer files amongst your computers without wires and any ISP.

Well I need to come out of the dreamworld and need to figure out if its a virus or something even more weird.


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