List of Open Social Applications on Orkut

A huge list of Orkut/opensocial applications I saw a couple of other pages where you can get a list of applications. I will be updating this list when I get more urls.

If you want to know how you can add the applications to your orkut profile check out this post

These are some of the applications which I like.

1) .. will update later

Now for some ideas I have. A cool looking wall where friends can draw on the canvas. Add pictures and other things. It could turn out to be a complicated widget but it would work.

A widget to use the awesome new service If you visit my drop [] you can drop files, links and notes on my page. And all of it without filling up a single sign up form.

A twitter widget where a user can post and keep in touch with other friends. I was making it but still not done with it. Anyhow the next application to be completed would be


Anonymous said…
the tool you suggest is in development
Suresh said…
Hi Vivek,

I just started (couple of days back) working on open socializing the applications; to make them work on multiple containers (orkut, hi5 etc...)
I was going through your blog; adding facebook app in orkut.. found interesting.
I tried something similar but, no luck.
I have a app (lets say name: xyz and url: I wrote a xml (copied and modified the url part).
When I tried addinf this app to orkut... it fails. I don;t kn whether it is correct or not. COuld you please help me in adding facebook app to orkut!!!

Thanks in advance.


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