My first open social applications

After trashing the open social platform last night I thought of developing a hello world application for the platform. Here are a few screenshots of the sample applications that I built tonight.

Facebook application on Orkut

Digg on Orkut

Reddit application on Orkut

If you want any of these open social applications on orkut, you need an account on You can apply for the sandox here Once you have access to the sandbox goto and use the following urls to access the applications.

Facebook Application -
Digg Application -
Reddit Application -

They are nothing more than simple iframes but it defiantly seems cool the first time you see it.

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Martin Selva said…
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Anonymous said…
Hi vivek

Just checked ur open social apps. They open up pages of other sites in iframes on the orkut page. But that should not be the nature of an application. right ????

What I understand is that...

1> content owners should create apps (eg: a Digg app has to be built by digg)

2> no separate login should be required for every app that you open (may be you can provide the login details for the app only once when you chose to add the app to your account(which would be possible only when content owners create their own apps(sorry for these nested comments)))

3> the apps should bring the social factor to the light (i.e it could fetch your Orkut friends (using open social APIs) and show the current activity of the friends on the network of the app in question)

M@D said…
It's cool to write social applications, but how do you write an application on this API for other services such posted by author? PayPall presented his App few weeks ago, but i don't think that it is written on API, it is maybe made like mini version of service with application-similar design hosted near "big one", and used.

If you know another way, write please, because i have an order to write application for one site, and don't know another method.

P.S. In google docs I don't find anything else about functionality such "get friends list", "Actions" ect.
Anonymous said…
and check out my app called Flaunt It!
Anonymous said…
Just checked your open social apps..Pretty awesome i should say

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