Open Social and Facebook faceoff

Probably I just don't get the whole social networking idea, or at least the idea of having applications inside a social networking websites. So far the coolest facebook app I've seen is the one which lets you view messages from orkut. And that too 'cause you don't have to log into two separate accounts. Other than that I would have to be a teenager to like the kind of applications on facebook.

I was going through this video.

I've tried really hard to see the interesting bits in the new platform but it seems like such a drag. The whole presentation seemed boring. But like I've said before I just don't get social networking. I have been a little too much on Orkut lately. Not that I think its productive, but it seems like a good place when I am really bored. But if they also add applications like facebook and I have 10+ invitations to try out the latest application I might also end up leaving orkut for good.

Right now I am half asleep so am not sure what exactly I want to say. Maybe eventually after a few days I might get the whole hype behind and give a better view of open social. But till then it seems all hype without anything concrete.


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