Saturday, December 22, 2007

Positive side effects of being ill

Its been two weeks since I got back and am still to fully recover from the fever and cold. I still have a sore throat and been a little slow with work. I still have a few mails left that I need to reply back to. If I have not replied back to you I am sorry and will do it as soon as I can. Thats the apology and now coming back to the post, there has been one really positive side effect of the trip. In the two weeks I was there I had loads of salads and after getting back have not been able to eat much food either. I have lost a few pounds of weight that I have so desperately been trying to get rid of. If nothing else I had some healthy food (the veggies that I normally tend to skip) that my body so desperately needed.

Its not the best way to loose weight but who am I to complain. I just hope I don't end up putting back the weight this winter. I am planning to follow a little exercise regime but thats still a plan and am still not sure if I will be able to follow up with it. The other good or bad thing that has happened since I returned back is that I have not bothered to shave. I have a two week old stubble and I plan to keep it up for a month or till I don't start feeling all weird.

I had met some interesting people on my trip and have still not got back to anyone so far, not like anyone would be expecting me to get back. But still I think its good to stay in touch with a few interesting people.

Coming back to work I have not done even a single thing in the last one month. Everything that I started has been hanging in a limbo. My TODO list seems to be growing with each passing day. The first thing I really want is a new look and feel for the blog and my website. But lets see if I can do something in the coming holidays.

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