Strange and funny day

The moment I woke up I had so much that I had thought I would complete by the end of the say. Surprisingly the day turned out a lot different than I had expected. I did not work as I had planned but I met a friend and it felt refreshing and have no idea how the day went by. At first I thought that I would complete one of the many projects that are stuck up in my head. If nothing else I wrote like three blog posts today and that in a weird way is an accomplishment none the less.

This week has been strange in every possible sense. My phone did not ring nor did I get any random messages. My inbox was empty and there were hardly any mails, no spam either. It felt like I was being ignored :) by the spammers also. And today all of a sudden I talked to a few friends and my inbox had quite a few messages but thankfully no spammer sent me a mail.


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